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Changzhou Kaima Plastic Co., Ltd. specializes in production and operation of PVC self-adhesive wound film lines, PE stretch stretch film, woven belt, wire and cable printing PVCPE ink, the diluent, scraping the ink film printing, round wire and cable accessories, the company is located is known as the Jiangnan region of rivers and lakes called Changzhou Wujin District Zheng Lu Zhen Jiao Xi Liang Zhuang, was established in 2008.

Products exported to Southeast Asia, Turkey, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Asia and Europe, the region has become the trust of enterprises at home and abroad products.

I plant in the management of continuous improvement of product quality, reduce production costs, ensure the good reputation of enterprises. Adhere to the "quality first, service first" business purpose, high quality and low price to win customers, gain market acceptance, I plant products won the market users welcome, is willing to work with new and old customers sincere cooperation, create beautiful future.

Company purpose: the user is God, quality is the life product advantage: high quality, low price, all kinds of.



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