diy modern pergola

Developments in Modern Pergola

Modern pergola is an outgrowth of the pergola that will continue to change according to age. Modern means always look ahead or futuristic. The shape of the pergola will always change to follow the era. From the pergola which has a regular structure that only a square will turn into a pergola that have irregular structures such as circles or other shapes. Besides, it also affects the color of the […]

best pergola roofing

Beautiful Exterior Home with Pergola Roofing

Pergola roofing is an additional structure for the exterior design of your home to look more beautiful. This structure comes with the main function to calm the outside of your house, nice terrace, corridor, or swimming pool. Pergola is an additional structure that could extend shade belonging to the main roof of the house or can stand alone. These structures are generally formed by wooden beams or arranged to form […]

wooden pergola pictures

Using Wooden Pergola for Your Home

Wooden pergola is a type of pergola that used wood as its main material. Most pergolas sold in stores using material properties of wood, because they have longer durability and will not be easily damaged. The selection of wood became an important point on a pergola, in addition to the installation also should not carelessly there must be a pattern as well as proper installation on the pergola. If the […]

led pergola lighting

Fancy Fixtures of Pergola Lighting

Pergola lighting complements your needs when at sunset. Where you could sit outside of your home when the night is so beautiful complemented by flashing lights that are shining and colorful. This idea can apply to the pergola of your home to make it look beautiful at night. This will answer your wishes about how if you are going to do a show at night outside the home, such as […]

polycarbonate pergola covers

Perfect Exterior Design with Pergola Cover Ideas

Pergola cover is paired layer of roof structure that has been installed on roofing home decor. This is what gives the atmosphere outside the home became more calms and has fresh air. There are many kinds of cover that can be mated with a roof structure. There is a kind of cover that use fiberglass or PVC. Pergola is a roof decoration that is more favored by using the cover […]

outdoor gas fire pits

Useful Gas Fire Pit Table

Gas fire pit table is a fireplace like in your home but have a unique shape that is shaped table. The fire caused derived from existing gas in the midst of this table. This becomes a very unique idea for you who want your room temperature is warm during the winter. The fire table can also be placed inside or outside your home. This certainly makes us more comfortable in […]

pergola designs with covers

Understanding about Pergola Designs

Pergola designs are an alternative to give a beauty scene to your backyard. You just put this thing in the backyard of your home, and you can enjoy the beauty of your backyard. With the pergola you will get a different sensation in your home. You can install a pergola in the back of your house, to beautify your pergola then you only need to give the vines. Selection of […]